Interactive Kiosks

Immersive Interactive Kiosks

The research is clear. When we engage with an interactive kiosk our retention can be as high as 90 percent. That type of stickiness is priceless, whether you’re trying to change perceptions, attitudes, or simply provide wayfinding directions. The immersive nature of interactive screens makes them a very powerful tool for delivering information. The ease of using a touch screen kiosk eliminates confusion, and allows information to be passed on unhindered. REEL IMPACT’s Interactive team has the experience, creativity and technical knowledge to deliver high impact, media rich, interactive products.

We begin each project with a solid foundation that includes:

Discovery and Research

To ensure that we have a complete picture of the situation you want to address, we meet with representatives from all of the stakeholder groups. By fully understanding the environment, perceptions, expectations, limitations and barriers, we are able to deliver a solution that not only hits the target; it hits the bullseye the first time.

Project Design

Our instructional designers, graphic and animation artists, writers, project managers and programmers have an average of 20 years in the business. They have natural curiosity and take it upon themselves to make sure they have a thorough knowledge of the scope and objectives of every project. They work together closely throughout the development process to ensure a highly effective, high-impact product that delivers the intended results — and more.

Strategy Development

Based on the information gleaned from our discovery and research, we propose a strategy that includes:

  • Measurable objectives
  • Key messages
  • Project design
  • Creative look and feel
  • Deliverable timelines and milestones
  • Effectiveness measures

Technical Excellence

Client and user platform compatibility, learning management systems, content management systems, load speed, 508 and SCORM compliance that can impact the user experience and therefore the effectiveness of an interactive program. REEL IMPACT’s experienced technical staff identifies potential challenges up front so they can be addressed in the early stages, minimizing the need to rework key elements of the project and keeping costs under control.

Project Planning

Interactive programs are often complex. Since our goal is to deliver your program on time, on budget and exceeding your expectations, thorough project planning and ongoing management are essential. Our Interactive Services team includes highly competent and experienced project managers; however, some of our clients prefer to retain project planning and management duties, in-house, and that works for us too.