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Hints from our tech team to help you have more successful meetings

Delta Dental BizTech June 2019
Five things to consider when choosing a room for your meeting
October 15, 2019

What makes the ideal room for audiovisual support? As a meeting planner, you have a lot to think about when choosing... Read More
Medicare Advantage Summit 2019 event AV
How live video can turn your event into a must-see
January 29, 2013

We’ve all seen live video – sporting events, awards shows, 24-hour news.  When you see that little “live” tag in the... Read More
Medicare Advantage Summit 2019 event video
When Does Your Event Require Video?
October 5, 2012

The simple answer is that all events, from small business meetings to large educational conferences, can be enhanced by video.  A... Read More