Worry-free AV™ lets you focus on running your meeting

Events are stressful

Planning and executing a corporate conference or symposium involves countless concerns including budgeting, scheduling, programming, logistics, and more. As an event technology provider, we specialize in freeing up our customers to concentrate on their event.

REEL IMPACT Mission Statement: For meeting planners who want to worry less about event technology, REEL IMPACT provides dependable audiovisual support. We partner with you in a way that puts you at ease and makes you feel like we are an extension of your team.

Many meeting planners opt for a venue’s default AV provider. REEL IMPACT customer Paul Trapp, CEO of Federal Conference cites the lack of control his company has when working with in-house providers. “For us, audiovisual services always presented a challenge. Internally, we did not have a solution to offer, so we were very dependent upon the hotels, the major brands. And when you’re dependent upon the major brands for the AV solution, they hold the upper hand in the conversation and the dialogue.”

Jessica Fortich is Senior Meeting Planner for DDPA, REEL IMPACT Audiovisual customer

Jessica Fortich

Jessica Fortich, Senior Meeting Planner at Delta Dental Plans Association has had issues with in-house providers’ inconsistency. “The challenge that we experienced at DDPA was that there was no consistency in service with the different hotels and AV companies that are tied to those hotels. You didn’t really know what quality you would be getting from property to property.”

Three ways we relieve stress

1. Better value

Venues make commission on the services they provide through their “contracted” audiovisual provider. This obviously increases the overall cost. Event planners aren’t obligated to use these vendors, but can instead hire an outside company like REEL IMPACT.

Paul Trapp, REEL IMPACT Audiovisual customer

Paul Trapp

Paul Trapp describes his experience with in-house vendors, “I found even after we negotiated they would nickel and dime us to death over additional last minute items. But they had me over a barrel because I didn’t have time. So I always found I was inconvenienced. And more important than the expense and the inconvenience, is when I had to engage AV services I was dependent upon an outside entity that I didn’t know nor trust to make me look good in front of my clients.”

In addition to the friction he experiences with in-house providers, Paul saves money when using REEL IMPACT at his events, “I beat out the hotel’s pricing every time. I can’t recall a time when Adam [Crosley, Founder] couldn’t provide a better value and a better pricing opportunity, a value proposition to my clients.”

2. Dedicated technicians

Oftentimes, with hotel-provided AV crews, you’ll have technicians working more than one event at the same time. Alternatively, when you hire your own provider, you get a team of dedicated technicians that setup, operate, and tear down your show exclusively without the distractions caused by other venue customers.

Paul gave us a perfect example of what non-dedicated technicians can do, “At one venue, I was assigned to a twenty-year-old kid to be my AV tech who didn’t stay in the room. He had to go deal with another hotel guest in another breakout room because their projector wasn’t working. But I had a need for him at the same time. I was sharing resources with other customers in the hotel. I was paying premium dollar and I was getting substandard service and my name, my company’s name was on the line.”

Susie Riedthaler, Event Manger for the Department of Veterans Affairs, REEL IMPACT Customer

Susie Riedthaler

Susie Riedthaler, Event Manager of The Department of Veterans Affairs describes the services she gets from our dedicated technicians, “REEL IMPACT will always check in with me first thing in the morning, and they will check with me throughout the day, keeping me apprised of any issues that may have come up, or any situations that I need to deal with. I just feel so comfortable when REEL IMPACT is involved and stress-free.”

3. We tour with you

If you manage events in multiple cities and venues, you’ve experienced the burden of orienting unfamiliar techs to the specifics of your company, presenters, subject matter, etc. Hiring a company to tour with you saves you time and reduces the stress of retraining. In addition, with each new show, the knowledge built by your dedicated team will only improve the quality of your presentations.

Jessica realized years ago that this concept would work for her company, “We wanted to find a company that could understand our group, what they’re looking for and then apply that knowledge to every meeting, so the experience feels very much like an extension of our department. REEL IMPACT is an extension of our team. It feels like we have hired a person onto our team who’s role is AV.”

Lauren Roese, Event Manager at The Rainmaker Companies, REEL IMPACT Customer

Lauren Roese

Lauren Roese, Event Manager at The Rainmaker Companies, describes her appreciation for having a team that tours with her. “One of the benefits with working with REEL IMPACT for so many consecutive years is that they take the stress out of the pre-planning for AV needs for our conferences. Being able to be flexible and know that I’m not going to have the stress of remembering all the tiny details that go into all audiovisual needs throughout a conference. That is a huge time-saver for me.”

It’s all about trust

Jessica makes this comparison, “Working with REEL IMPACT, there’s night and day for our department and for our meetings and their success. Everything just works and that, from our perspective, is the most important thing. Just having trust and knowing that everything we want to have happen will be executed on site.”

Lauren gives this example of how we relieve her stress, “REEL IMPACT takes a lot off my plate when managing 80-plus speakers. It’s a big deal to be able to introduce a speaker to a REEL IMPACT staff member, and be able to leave them with that staff member and know that they’re in good hands. REEL IMPACT will provide them the client service that I would provide them myself.”